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Start-Up Development and Planning:  Formation of mission, vision, name, brochures and proposals

Our start up entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized clients often require assistance to develop appropriate marketing materials to help their marketing and selling efforts. This may be the development of catch phrases, tag lines for launches, simple flyers, more robust brochures, trade show handouts, catalog pages, or presentations.


Each of the elements you choose for your business is dependent on what you need to reach your target audience. You get to pick and choose your options, selecting those that best suit your requirements. There is no need to do it all at once. We can start by partnering with ODEM Creative Media to offer you a simple but professional logo, business card, and brochure and add other elements, as needed.


Business Project Management

Under ODEM Business Consulting Project Management Services your company will benefit from our consultancy services on site.  Our services are particularly suited for companies who are about to launch a project or initiative, and know they have the talent within their staff to complete the project, but lack a point person or a leader with the management skills to make it happen on time, within budget, and according to plan.


Some of our On-Site Business Project Management Services include:

  • Customer Service Improvement

  • Market research, and other marketing activities for product launches


New Market Development

We have worked with clients in different industries and market segments. Most of the clients we work with need to develop new, alternative, markets, or need to penetrate existing markets much more deeply than they have done. Our process of market development includes:

  • Feasibility Studies for new markets/businesses

  • Customer quantification and analysis

  • Target market profiling

  • Target Market qualifying

  • Reporting

  • Planning


Market Research – Desk & Field

Market research is critical to form the baseline information that marketing managers and business owners need to make informed business decisions and plan properly. Without obtaining and using recent market research information, companies run the risk of making flawed planning decisions that can negatively impact their businesses. 

Contact ODEM Business Consulting to assist your organization obtain the current market research information your organization requires to plan its future or next marketing activities.


Strategic and Tactical Planning

The development of well thought through strategy and tactics for a company’s marketing plan is part of the critical planning process. Strategy and tactics are intimately linked. You cannot have one without the other and both need to be able to be supported by the other.  When developing our Strategies and Tactics our plans will encompass these Pertinent Ps:  Product, Price, Promotion, Place / distribution, People, Potential, Planning and Profit. 


Business and Market Planning

A Business and marketing plan is the key element to growing company sales cohesively. The marketing plan forms the basis for coordinating marketing activities for an organization and limits the ability of plan participants to indicate they weren’t sure what they were supposed to do, when the task were to be completed, and how they were to be completed. A marketing plan, written correctly that includes the proper controls, becomes the centerpiece for all company marketing activities.


Plan Implementation Assistance

Our ODEM Business Consulting consultants have written your marketing plan, now the next step is performing the plan implementation activities.   Dependent on the initial agreement with the client we can provide assistance in implementing each element of the plan.  We are not the consulting firm that tells a client what to do, but does not know how to do it! We will assist in, guide, oversee, and monitor implementation results in progress to see if a company’s marketing and /or sales personnel are performing required activities as defined and scheduled in the marketing plan.

We will directly assist our clients’ management to develop the tasks outlined in the marketing action plan. Our assistance can be through actual task performance, direct help, telephone discussion and coaching, and actual system development jointly by client and ODEM Business Consulting personnel. We are hands on marketing solutions providers.


Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is an area for which most small and mid-sized companies will require consulting assistance.   We conduct unbiased evaluations of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses by performing research to determine a variety of critical competitor information.  Specific pricing is not typically evaluated because of its subjective nature and that the stated discounts may or may not be accurate, or may vary by end-user or customer.

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