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About Us


“Think how exciting it would be if the only thing you had to do was sense a brilliant idea and treat it like a seed.  Imagine if you could then plant it with the confidence that a dedicated caretaker would water it, nourish it and bring it to life and you could reap the benefits season after season!  That’s what we do, this is who we are.   We develop your ideas and shape your business”


We offer Business Development Solutions for Individuals and Companies:

Activities include startup development, business planning, research, marketing and management.  With ODEM Business Consulting, your company will be partnering with consultants who put the client first.  We are unique; we take a holistic approach.  

Our approach to consulting:
We need to determine what our clients’ needs truly are to properly assist them. Our consulting approach includes several meetings to ensure we understand our client needs, followed by a detailed draft proposal that serves as a means to confirm we understood what is required. This draft outlines the precise tasks to be performed, the timeline for completion, methodology to be used in task performance, and labor and expense cost itemization.  After the draft is reviewed, changes are made and another proposal is prepared. When the client is satisfied that the proposed work will yield the expected results, we proceed to engage in the project.

Our approach can be summarized as
- Exploratory discussions
- written draft and final proposal
- Development of needed market data or marketing activities
- Reporting
- Implementation of needed marketing activities
- Client follow-up
- And more….

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