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Leneka Rhoden Project Management Professional

Leneka Rhoden is a project management professional with over 5 years of experience in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation, Education Training, and Environment Monitoring.

She is a highly motivated individual which is very evident when looking at all which she has done and accomplished already in her career. Can you imagine all that she has the potential to accomplish down the road? She has received a multitude of awards such as The Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in 2018 and the Energy Globe Award in 2019. Leneka is also a member of prestigious organizations such as the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals and The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World. She has also (yes, there's more!) held several professional positions ranging from being a teacher to her most recent work title as CYCN Coordinator. Additionally, Leneka has a long list of involvement both locally and internationally!

Just like her professional career, Leneka also has had a wide array of educational
experiences. She has received education in project management from several institutions
including the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, The University of Adelaide, Australia and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Leneka is a Climate Activist with a passion for Environmental Law and Policy. She enjoys engaging in high-level discussions and debates on topics such as Youth Engagement and Participation. She is an avid philanthropist; serving as the Board Chair of the regional non-profit, inspire International, and Advisor to several local outreach groups. Leneka is a foodie with a love for travel, culture, and diversity.

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