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Odem BUSINESS is pleased to present our Growing Global seminar as part of the seminars that will be hosted at the Trade & Investment Conference at The Centre Of Excellence, Macoya. The seminar takes place on July 6th, 2017 at 1:00pm to 4:00pm. We have three exciting topics, and attendees can choose to attend the full seminar for three (3) hours or individual topics that suit their business focus.


Seminar Details:

The aim of Growing Global is to influence mindsets and get businesses to broaden their view in terms of ways in which they can strategically trade and maneuver using investing by way of the stock markets as well as the internet to reach wider markets and reap profits.  The seminar should challenge owners, middle managers, sales and marketing teams within the SME sector to start viewing their markets without boundries.  The seminar will explore online partnerships, and discuss e-commerce beyond a retail shopping cart and the growth of e-commerce in the service industry.

Who should Attend?

This seminar is suited to entrepreneurs, middle managers, owners, and business enthusiasts


$125.00TTD per session and $300.00TTD for all three.



There are many ways you can support our Growing Global seminar.  We have sponsorship ranging from room branding to social media advertising of your logo and brand.  Our marketing campaign includes a mix of print, radio interviews and online advertising and will run from June 1st  to June 31st, 2017.  You can email us for a sponsorship package or call us to discuss!  




This speaking session starts at 1:15pm.  The speaking session will run for forty-five (45) minutes with fifteen (15) minutes question and answer.  This topic will focus on managing a global enterprise across different cultural and economic system, strategically operating in multiple environments for a common goal, how can an economic climate shape a global leader? motivating and developing global leader potential, which cultural issues are relevant in considering a global strategy? and which mechanisms aid in growing a global business. 



This speaking session starts at 2:00pm.   The speaking session will run for forty-five (45) minutes with twenty (20) minutes question and answer.  This topic will focus on the growth of Ecommerce, how can companies take advantage of Ecommerce as it relates to industry types, affiliate marketing - is this a dying trend? How can companies, pool their skills online to make money and the growth of online outsource partnerships specifically, the effect on overhead and benefit to small businesses.


This speaking session starts at 3:00pm.  The speaking session will run for forty-five (45) minutes with twenty-five (25) minutes question and answer.  This topic will focus on describing the FOREX market, how our present economic climate relates to FOREX and how SMEs can benefit from knowledge of the FOREX market including trading and investments. 



Founder, Scientific Happiness

Cultivating A Global Leader Mindset

Shane Ram is an HR Extraordinaire, Happiness Engineer and Life Coach, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker. Shane is an expert in Strategic Management, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Transformational Leadership, Training, Organizational Change, Executive Coaching and Business Process Improvement. Shane has experience in the Energy, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Health, Financial, Technology and Networking industries. Shane has worked in the UK, South Pacific, Africa, Central and South America and most Caribbean nations.  Shane owns an International Life Coaching business where he helps people live happier and more fulfilling lives and helps people to find their true purpose and turn it into profitable careers and business without losing their financial independence.


Shane Ram is also the Executive Manager – Human Resources and Administration at Angostura Limited with responsibility for HR, Office Services, Information Technology and and Security. Shane was the Group Director for Key Talent Management, Leadership Development and Business Process Improvement at the Digicel group, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica.

Shane started with  Digicel as the HR Director for Digicel Trinidad in 2005 and subsequently moved to the Digicel Group office where he was responsible for Business Process improvement, Performance Management, Succession planning and Leadership Development for the group which comprised over 25 markets. Prior to joining Digicel, Shane was the HR Manager– Employee  at YaraTrinidad Limited, a subsidiary of Yara International ASA of Norway. Shane spent most of his early career at The Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago.  Shane is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration in which he is pioneering his own brand of leadership. He holds a Masters degree in Strategic Thinking from the Herriot-Watt University. Shane also holds a Masters degree in eBusiness from the University of Surrey in England and BSc in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies.

Lorenzo Hodges is an innovation strategist with over 17 years of experience in the digital technology sector. He is the Founder and CEO of the boutique innovation strategy company, Plain White Table Inc., through which he aids organizations in embedding innovation into their corporate strategy, culture and business  processes.


Apart from his entrepreneurial pursuits, for the last fourteen (14) years Lorenzo has been a key part of successful innovation in action, working for Teleios Systems Ltd. - the Caribbean's leading values-based technology company.  There he has led the business units responsible for web and mobile solutions which have generated significant ROI for customers across the Caribbean. As one of his many leadership roles, he was also responsible for the systematization of innovation in the Innovation and New Business Unit. Lorenzo has expertise in business model design, business development, new product and service development and marketing.  His expertise in experience design has supported the creation of new digital solutions for companies across multiple industries.


He is an alumnus of the UWI Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business where he graduated with distinction with an International Masters in Business Development and Innovation. At his alma mater, he is currently a lecturer in Electronic and Mobile Commerce, teaching on new digital business models. He also facilitates Innovation Training workshops on behalf of the UWI Institute of Critical Thinking. He has been trained and certified in different innovation techniques by the world renowned innovation and design company, IDEO.


Founder, Plain White Table Inc.

         Online Partnerships/E-commerce


Manager, Forex & Derivative Sale CIBC

FX Markets & Mysteries

Vasudev Sawh (affectionately called by his middle name  “Free”) is a graduate of the University of London with a B.Sc. Banking & Finance and an M.Sc. International Finance from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (UWI).  He is a career banker working most of his career in Treasury Sales & Trading, accumulating  over 13 years’ experience in Treasury management, Foreign exchange, T-Bill and Bond trading in the Trinidad market.


He will be celebrating his 5th anniversary with CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank in August 2017.  At CIBC FirstCaribbean he is responsible for Forex & Derivative Sale in Trinidad and the Dutch Caribbean.

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Steps for Attendees


(1) Buy Tickets Online:

Tickets also available at Odem Office - 117 Oxford Street, TTMA - Barataria, Centre Of Excellence - 17A Macoya Rd,


(2) Register Here After Ticket Purchase:  

(3) Download Agenda Here

You can also keep abreast of seminar updates on our Growing Global Facebook Event Page!


EVENT CONTACT: | | 1 868 285 9185

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You can reserve your space below and purchase tickets at our ODEM office at 17A Macoya Road, Tunapuna or buy online at

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