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LENNOX ROBERTS Information Technology, Customer Service & Team Building Consultant

Lennox Roberts, Masters (Microsoft®) is an independent strategy, marketing and business development consultant, specialising in the professional services sector, with over 13 years’ experience.


Qualifications and affiliations: 

He is qualified in information technology, customer service and team building training, and is a practitioner in the aforementioned fields.  Technology sector: Lennox started her career in the technology sector working with BorderCom International, School of Business and Computer Science and Ministry of National Security where he is reluctant to admit that he learned the dynamics to merging technology with the human potential and fell in love with lecturing these relational concepts.

In-house business development and strategic consultancy:

Utilizing the merged technical aspects he then worked in-house in senior marketing and business development roles at the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago, and BHP Billiton before advancing these services to the Ministry of National Security in 2010. He provides consultancy advice as well as training and coach-mentoring services.

Lecturing and training:

He is a part-time lecturer on Microsoft, Adobe and Comptia courses for the public and private sector investors.


Lennox is a single dad, a social media enthusiast and is a professional photographer with special emphasis in event and wedding photography. He has a passion for sky diving, traveling, basketball, politics and assisting the poor. Living in Trinidad and Tobago, he regularly attends national and art shows. A remaining ambition is to complete a degree in art and graphic design.

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