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Recruiting Services

We will work with our clients to provide them with high performing customer service & sales staff, and other required staff. We have developed our own methodology for identifying, screening, interviewing in-person, selecting, and contracting with high performing personnel.


Customer Service Strategy & Training

ODEM Business Consulting offers experience in organizational and customer service development focused on Management Training, Supervisory Training, Leadership Development, Customer Service Department Assessment and Training & Customer Service Strategy for individual companies.  We have several forms of Customer Service training programs focusing on "Dealing with Difficult Customers”, "Delivering Customer Focused Service," “Service Analysis and Service Recovery” that will enhance customer loyalty.  If you have a training and/or organizational development need the likelihood is high that we have an answer for you at a fee that works with your budget.


Corporate Responsibility Programs

Designed to help senior executives integrate social responsibility with corporate strategy, participants learn how to improve economic performance while contributing to society. 
This program explores both existing and next-generation models of corporate social responsibility. Participants discover how to align corporate culture with social responsibility strategies and measure their impact on the organization—and on the bottom line. The program is for senior executives in charge of socially responsible corporate programs, public affairs, philanthropy, and environmental health and safety, or community affairs.


Business model development, including administrative packages - job descriptions, appraisals 

A good Business Model forms the basis for coordinating day to day company activities to achieve productivity.  Likewise, suitable administrative packages to ensure you are not “overpaying” or “underpaying” will no doubt contribute to low staff turnover and the company’s profitability.  We believe that an appropriate business model and administrative package with all supporting elements is an important aspect of all companies and we are here to help in that respect.


Multi-days, Half Day Business Seminars & Lectures

The company plans to host several business seminars centered on the following themes:

  • Increasing sales,

  • penetrating new markets or segments,

  • improving profits,

  • developing new markets,

  • how to effectively penetrate existing markets,

  • creating effective promotional materials,

  • selecting and working trade shows, 

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