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What Makes Us Different?

Size, for one thing

  • Our business model is wide enough to offer you a complete portfolio of marketing consultant services, and campaigns, at the same time; we're small enough that your team will be driven by the expertise of senior management.

  • Our size also means we don’t have to mass-produce implementation plans for our clients. Rather, we can assess each client's needs individually and craft a perfect solution that's as unique as you are.


We are Cost Effective

  • Though we are consultants we are like your outside Marketing & Development department so you maintain control of production costs.

  • Consultations without proposals are free so each time you sit with us; we will not be “hiking” our prices with “billable consulting hours.”

  • We are much more expensive than amateurs, but much less expensive than the market leaders or internationally positioned consultants.


We are hands on consultants

  • We encourage constant "after project" communication.

  • You may communicate with any project-related employee or partner at any time.

  • Our service delivery will constantly exceed your expectations. We know talk is cheap, so let us prove it!

  • We visit you once every two weeks onsite -- helping you understand the project as it evolves

  • We focus on understanding your capabilities and limitations first and then we focus on business and marketing.

  • Our capabilities are based on effective communication and traditional strategies.


We offer Guarantees.

  • We don't use marketing techniques which may be beneficial in the short run but harmful in the long run to your company in terms of your position in the market.

  • We offer you a no-nonsense, 6-month period where you can “judge us by achievements.” In case we fail to achieve the desired objectives, or you change your mind, you can terminate the consultancy contract in the first year.

  • You get a chance to see what we have to offer based on our first proposal, if you decide we have not sparked your interest, you only pay us for the proposal, and you are not obligated to use our services, but our ideas cannot be used by you with another company.

  • We will not only try to get you more customers, we ensure that the customers that you get are converted into more sales for you. After all, what's the use of marketing communications if it doesn't lead to more sales?

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