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We pride ourselves on being a strategic yet creative company and following our founder's belief we work everyday to marry two disciplines. According to, ----" strategic thinking and creative thinking are opposite and complementary ways to think. Neither way is the right way to think. They're simply different ways to think with different purposes. The difference is important because your brain must switch from one style to the other to be effective. It's also important to know when you may be applying strategic thinking when you should be applying creative, and vice versa." 


Our service package includes:

Business Development Services

  • Start-up development and planning

  • Business project management

  • New market development

  • Market research - field and desk

  • Strategic and tactical planning

  • Business and market planning

  • Plan implementation assistance

  • Competitor analysis


 Management Consulting Services

  • Recruitment services

  • Customer Service Strategy and Training

  • Event Planning

  • Corporate Responsibility Programs

  • Business model development, including administrative packages - job descriptions, appraisals 

  • Business Seminars/Workshops


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