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Inspiration for Young Entrepreneurs

In the words of Christopher Gardner----"There is no PLAN B for PASSION". If you've started your own business, or pursuing a new project, then you know how difficult it is to get it off the ground, sustain it and find balance with all the other aspects of your life! Even more difficult than this is trying to convince everyone else around you why you don't find something else to do, when it's not profitable, you know easier things a 9 to 5 job; settle into a routine life like a "normal" individual. But as you and I know there is nothing normal about us, first we are exceptionally talented but not by choice nor by coincidence. It's a gift from God who has pre-ordained that we should be this way and then comes the passion that stirs deep inside that cannot be curtailed by punching a clock.

The idea of not pursuing our dreams is unimaginable to us as say "Snow to the Caribbean", it may happen, but no time soon in this lifetime. Let's re-visit the meaning of profitable to an entrepreneur---when many mention the term profitability, for an entrepreneur what usually follows are words like "not yet", "all aspects have not been explored", "work in progress", that's because we don't view things merely in dollars and cents! Of course we like money like everyone else we need it to survive but wealth for us is not only about being able to "spend" it's also about being able to "spend time" doing what we love.

The following link highlights what I believe to be one of the greatest accomplishments of all time. I'm sure many of us may have watched the movie "The pursuit of Happyness" and if you haven't you need to get a copy and see the Story of Chris Gardner. I hope many of you will find inspiration from his site. In whatever you are doing, even if you are struggling, give it your all and never, ever give up. Dig deep and find a new way, sometimes it means changing route, starting something new, but don't ever quit because most times success is just around the corner waiting on you to catch up with it!

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