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KEMISHA ANDERSON - Communications Professional

Kemisha Anderson is an independent and self-motivated communication professional with several years of experience in the field.

Her passion can be seen in the work that she produces as she has an infectious enthusiasm for information which is ideal in the world of communications.

Not only is she great at what she does, but she has a love for it as well. Her creative spirit is part of what makes Kemisha such a powerhouse in her field. She’s able to think outside the box and create truly innovative ideas. And in today’s day and age where everything is constantly changing, innovation is what will really make a mark.

When she isn't creating leading communications strategies, Kemisha can be found deep-diving into true crime podcasts like Dateline and 48-hours. She is an avid reader who enjoys a good book wherever the breeze is cool and the water is clear. Kemisha is passionate about women's issues and runs the career blog, Working Girl Jamaica. 

In 2015 Kemisha received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Honors!) from the University of the West Indies. From there she continued to make strides and grow her career.


She has worked in Public Relations roles at several companies including the China Harbour Engineering Company Limited, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce Pocket Rocket Foundation and The Sandals Foundation.

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