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LAURA COTTON - Business Etiquette & Communication


Laura Cotton packs in more than 17 years of experience with public relations, change communication and image development. Known for her ability to quickly understand different cultures, Laura efficiently wins trust and effectively creates strategies. 


She has been hands-on with nearly every type of challenge an organization could undergo.  Seriously … ask her.  With her proven portfolio, Laura confidently (pro)claims she isn’t daunted by any task or surprised by any hurdle in business life. Maybe that’s her usual optimism speaking, but it’s as contagious as her energy and honest approach to solutions.


In her current calling as PR & Image Development Maven and full-time mentor at Pearl Strategies Ltd, Laura has worked with dozens of international clients as they seek to succeed in her adopted Caribbean homeland – a place in which she’s rested her high heels since 2006. She also is a dedicated advocate for persons with disabilities and created one of the region’s first self-advocate training program.


Born in Georgia and raised in Kentucky, USA, Laura was the typical American girl: cheerleader and student government officer. She started her career after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in Business Management from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, USA. Laura was recruited out of university to lead corporate communications, crisis communications and labor union communication for Delta Air Lines’ regional carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) in Atlanta, Ga., USA.


After six years with ASA, Laura accepted an offer to create the corporate communications function for Caribbean Airlines Services, Inc. – the umbrella company for Caribbean Sun Airlines (San Juan, Puerto Rico) and Caribbean Star Airlines (Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies). After she directed all communication for the sale of Caribbean Sun and managed the ultimate closure of Caribbean Star, Laura formed Pearl Strategies and trained with the world-renowned Emily Post Institute as a licensed etiquette trainer.


While Laura may be the boss at work, she has two bosses at home: five-year-old Adelaide and two-year-old Oliver. They demand cuddles and cookies, both of which Laura is happy to generously provide. Laura’s Trinidadian husband proudly brags their Tobago home always smells sweet from her baking adventures.

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